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Terms & Conditions
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Money Back Guarantee

Buyers must inform PEN-Cur by email within a 10-day grace period that they wish to return the product. After the buyer has informed PEN-Cur that the product will be returned, the buyer has  10 days to send back the product, or else the full refund offer will be permanently cancelled. Processing of refunds will only be carried out when PEN-Cur receives the returned product. The buyer will receive the refund within 30 working days of PEN-Cur receiving the returned product. Costs of shipping back the product will be borne fully by the buyer.


Buyers' Responsibility On Receiving The Products

Buyers are fully responsible to settle any/all tax, extra shipping costs when they receive their products. PEN-Cur is not responsible for any tax, extra shipping or other costs incurred by the buyer when they receive the products. It is the responsibility of the buyer of that destination to handle the customs, laws and regulations pertaining to the product being ordered and received. PEN-Cur is not responsible for the buyer's successful receiving of the product (and costs involved) into the country, and thus destination.


Ordering & Shipping

PEN-Cur does not guarantee that the products ordered will arrive in the estimated time once the product has been shipped. Products are usually shipped out within 5 working days. Arrival of products will depend on each country's postal service and is not under the control of PEN-Cur. However, the buyer will be able to track the shipment with the tracking number provided - but do note that tracking is not available for some routes, and if required by the buyer, the buyer will need to pay additional postage for the feature.


Please CONTACT US if you need further clarification.