pen-cur, Getting the best out of curcumin


Utilising the latest in nano-technology and highly advanced processing, Pen-Cur's unique curcumin powder (naturally derived from Tumeric) easily surpasses many other formulations in terms of speed of delivery, maximised absorption and prolonged bio-availability at plasma levels in the body. This safe and effective formulation has continued to support, protect and heal countless individuals with various ailments.


345x MORE Free Curcumin In The Plasma
8x GREATER Sustained Curcumin Release (6-8 hours)
9x BETTER Absorption Than Piperine Added Formulas
50x HIGHER Antioxidant Activity

Therapeutic Benefits

  • Acts BOTH as a sensitizer & toxin protector in chemotherapy/radiation treatment
  • Boosts memory & detoxifies various organs
  • Reduces joint, arthritic & bodily inflammation
  • Prevents and reduces growths/cysts
  • Works as an anti-histamine for allergies
  • Supports general wellbeing & strengthens immunity
  • Known to have anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties
  • Prevention of Alzheimer’s, dementia & Parkinson’s disease
  • Prevention of heart, liver, kidney and lung diseases

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