pen-cur's performance

PEN-Cur is one of the most PHARMACOKINETIC curcumin supplements around...


345x more of free curcumin in blood plasma (1*)
9x better absorption than piperine added formulas (2*)
50x higher antioxidant activity (3*)
8x greater sustained free curcumin release (1*)

PEN-Cur's Bioavailability & Metabolism

High bioavailability and the steady release of free curcumin into the blood (6-8 hours) is the most important quality of PEN-Cur's unique formula, and it has been developed through innovative encapsulating technology utilising natural non-toxic biodegradable edible polymer nano-capsules.

PEN-Cur shows a 345-fold higher absorption rate than compared to normal curcumin supplements being sold in the market, according to a study (1*).

Pre-clinical pharmacokinetics revealed that polymer encapsulated nano curcumin demonstrated at least a 9-fold increase in oral bioavailability when compared to curcumin administered with piperine as an absorption enhancer, currently being sold in the market.

PEN-Cur's nano curcumin particles are smaller than bacteria, viruses and red blood cells.



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