pen-cur's performance

PEN-Cur is one of the most PHARMACOKINETIC curcumin supplements around...


85x Better absorption (1*)

39x Better bioavailability (1*)

50x Higher antioxidant activity (3*)

12x Greater sustained free curcumin release (1*)

9x Better absorption than piperine (Black pepper extract) added formulas (2*)

PEN-Cur's Bioavailability & Metabolism

High bioavailability and the steady release of free curcumin into the blood (12 hours) is the most important quality of PEN-Cur's unique formula, and it has been developed through innovative encapsulating technology utilising natural non-toxic biodegradable edible polymer nano-capsules.

Pre-clinical pharmacokinetics revealed that polymer encapsulated nano curcumin demonstrated at least a 9-fold increase in oral bioavailability when compared to curcumin administered with piperine as an absorption enhancer and 39 times greater bioavailability than standard curcumin that are currently being sold in the market.

PEN-Cur's nano curcumin particles are smaller than bacteria, viruses and red blood cells.



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